that’s how the guardian describes SANAAs con­tri­bu­tion to the annu­al series of
sum­mer pavil­ions at the ser­pen­tine gallery

SANAA are a tokyo based archi­tec­tur­al prac­tice led by seji­ma kazuyo, and nishiza­wa ryue. a for­mer col­lab­o­ra­tor with toyo ito, anoth­er lumi­nary of the sum­mer pavil­ion series, and named ‘young archi­tect of the year’ in japan in 1992, seji­ma works along­side nishiza­wa ‚who main­tains his own inde­pen­dent prac­tice. togeth­er, as SANAA, they have pro­duced a series of strik­ing build­ings in japan and oth­er coun­tries, includ­ing, a day­care cen­tre, kana­gawa (near tokyo), the pra­da beau­ty store in hong kong, in 2003, the dior store in gin­za, and the zol­lvere­in school, in essen, ger­many.

london 07-09  67 - Version 2
london 07-09  65london 07-09  78 - Version 2london 07-09  77 - Version 2london 07-09  76 - Version 2london 07-09  74 - Version 2london 07-09  73 - Version 2london 07-09  72 - Version 2london 07-09  71 - Version 2london 07-09  69 - Version 2


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