words at the ica: poor. old. tired. horse.

7A6548E4-66CD-49BE-946F-FFCEA98A7FC9.jpgi’ve had few words to say myself about this exhi­bi­tion, which seems to have slipped under my radar, prob­a­bly with all the upheaval of try­ing to rebuild this web­site again from scratch, and my recent focus on image.

text-based art in the 1960s was relat­ed to the con­crete poet­ry move­ment, con­cep­tu­al art, and lat­er had ram­i­fi­ca­tions for the con­cep­tion of images, not as rep­re­sen­ta­tion, but texts in them­selves, the idea that art work is pri­mar­i­ly a sig­ni­fy­ing prac­tice has dom­i­nat­ed dis­course with­in the visu­al arts since then. the work on show here is a very broad church indeed from philip gus­ton through to ian hamil­ton finlay

full list below. hur­ry or you’ll miss it. it clos­es on the 23rd.

ICA, the mall. london

Vito Acconci, Carl Andre, Anna Barham, Matthew Bran­non, Hen­ri Chopin, Ian Hamil­ton Fin­lay, Alas­dair Gray, Philip Gus­ton, David Hock­ney, Karl Holmqvist, Dom Sylvester Houé­dard, Jan­ice Ker­bel, Christo­pher Knowles, Fer­di­nand Kri­wet, Lil­iane Lijn, Robert Smith­son, Frances Stark and Sue Tompkins


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