the flat earth again

65A2FEA7-7C3F-4F79-BF63-EDA634CE1CA7.jpgthe roke­by gallery is once again host to cir­cu­lar spec­u­la­tion. in part two of their show whose artists ques­tion our pre­con­cep­tions of phys­i­cal space and coher­ent world views (!)

a num­ber of new works are pre­sent­ed which ask us to con­sid­er how does this coher­ence accom­mo­date the var­i­ous rup­tures and chal­lenges to our com­fort­able con­cep­tion of an ordered and har­mo­nious uni­verse. the cir­cu­lar­i­ty also refers to the con­stant pro­duc­tion and re- cir­cu­la­tion of images and how this dis­turbs the seam­less nar­ra­tives we con­struct around our lives

27.08.09 — 01.10.09

37 Store Street
Lon­don WC1E 7QF


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