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logo_blueprint.gifblue­print mag­a­zine have host­ed these awards for four­teen years, in a recent arti­cle for the times about the award, edi­tor of blue­print, vicky richard­son, says they are ‘a barom­e­ter of the times’ whether she was refer­ring to the news­pa­per where her arti­cle appeared, or our milieu, i’m not sure, but any­way, here is the shortlist:

100% Design – Best product
— Bison by Simon Pen­gel­ly for Allermuir
— Scal­lop acoustic felt pan­el by Anne Kyy­ro Quinn
— Pile of Suit­cas­es by Maarten de Ceu­laer (Brus­sels Export)
— Graphite chair by Diego Ramez (ICEX)
— 5th stool by Tomas Alon­so (ICEX)
— Heavy Desk Lamp by Ben­jamin Hubert for DeCode London
— Walk Desk by Steuart Padwick
— Trel­lick Tow­er tex­tile by Peo­ple Will Always Need Plates and Mar­go Selby

100% Futures – most promis­ing talent
— Seongy­ong Lee — Bal­anced chair
— Stu­dio Il Gu Cha — R1 radio
— Eun­y­oung Kim — Bubblecandy
— Robin Gras­by — Home­work Desk
— Liz Eeuwes — Strath­more rug

100% Mate­ri­als
— Salmon leather
— Bolidt — Bolid­top Bub­ble­bar floor
— Mate­ria — Cac­tus fibre carpet
— Tashiro Alloy — Moonlight

Best Exhi­bi­tion Stand
(to be select­ed at the show)

the final judg­ing takes place at the show, on thursday.


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