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Z‑House, Gwangju Si, Korea Tues­day 22 Dec 2009
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Pho­to by Jung­min Seok

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Hohyun Park+Hyun Joo Kim com­plete the Z‑house in Korea
The site is locat­ed at Gwangju Si, Gyeong­gi-Do, where is not far from Seoul. Sur­round­ed by small hous­es, it is at the top of a hill with deep slope. The first thing to con­sid­er was to keep woods on west side of the site, not just because its slope is too deep, but because its nat­ur­al beau­ty of var­i­ous trees and plants. The avail­able area of the hous­ing site is lim­it­ed by the woods, and the client want­ed to have great views and sun­light from any­where in the house. The over­all shape of the house became a twist­ed lin­ear to ful­fill the client’s needs, fac­ing a view of moun­tains on south side.

In com­po­si­tion of space, rela­tion­ship among pro­grams and cir­cu­la­tion are played impor­tant role. Ground lev­el, which is ”

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