riba gold medal

david chip­per­field is the 2011 recip­i­ent of the riba gold medal. as archi­tec­ture week has it, chip­per­field occu­pies a unique posi­tion as an inter­na­tion­al, even glob­al prac­ti­tion­er who is no longer iden­ti­fied with a par­tic­u­lar region or country.

his work shows a prac­tice that is nei­ther fash­ion­able nor out of fash­ion, informed by a clas­si­cism, his work remains fresh and con­tem­po­rary. his archi­tec­ture unfail­ing­ly responds to con­text and envi­ron­ment, yet remains uncom­pro­mis­ing­ly mod­ern full review at archi­tec­ture week


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