serpentine summer pavilion


the summer pavilion

serpentine.jpgalways worth a vis­it, and this year with the weath­er so nice n’all, you might want to make a fam­i­ly out­ing. res­o­nances of sum­mer sol­stices and coachloads of vis­i­tors this year’s effort is rem­i­nis­cent of both math­mos lava lamp and neolith­ic mon­u­ment. details below (cour­tesy of icon mag.)


radic-001.jpgthe archi­tect, chilean smil­jan radic has an inter­est in the fragili­ty of tem­po­rary, makeshift struc­tures such as road­side stalls, some­thing quite appro­pri­ate for the tem­po­rary, ephemer­al, and exper­i­men­tal nature of the ser­pen­tine pavilion


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