2018 … and now nearly 2019

i’m ashamed to have to acknowl­edge that i’ve been allow­ing this blog to lie fal­low for almost a year now. and that after my last post which was a grandiose claim that i’d be post­ing much more dur­ing 2018.

my last post also announced my dis­may at the then cur­rent state of the world. to say that things have got worse hard­ly cov­ers it. in my entire life i can­not remem­ber things look­ing so bleak. com­ing as i do from a fam­i­ly of polit­i­cal activists my ear­ly child­hood was under­lined by an aware­ness of world events and the parade of crises which seem to have punc­tu­at­ed the tra­jec­to­ry of my life. just a short list; the suez cri­sis, the cuban mis­sile cri­sis, the viet­nam war, the oil cri­sis, the rise of thatch­erism and the regan years. neo-con­ser­vatism (and the col­lapse of ’six­ties ide­al­ism), the neolib­er­al project which hangs over us like a pall, with its ugly chil­dren; aus­ter­i­ty, the ris­ing con­fi­dence of racists and fas­cists fuelled by pop­ulist author­i­tar­i­an­ism on both sides of the Atlantic.

So for this year, no grand promis­es about re-enliven­ing this blog. i will try rather to just post reg­u­lar­ly, mod­est posts, per­haps only a para­graph. i’ll be look­ing for green shoots.


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