memorial to the victims of COVID19

Uruguayan archi­tec­ture firm Gómez Platero has designed the world’s first memo­r­i­al for the vic­tims of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The vast, 40m-wide cir­cu­lar struc­ture will pro­vide not only a safe space for mourn­ing, but also reflec­tion and intro­spec­tion. The con­cept has been designed to sit on an urban water­front loca­tion, that looks out over an untouched nat­ur­al environment.

The design can only be accessed by a long pedes­tri­an walk­way, draw­ing vis­i­tors away from the sights and sounds of the urban land­scape, cre­at­ing a bridge to the nat­ur­al world. Sus­pend­ed over the water, at the cen­tre of the plat­form there is an open void, which looks down onto the water below.

Made from Corten steel and con­crete, the memo­r­i­al will be able to wel­come 300 vis­i­tors at a time, while social distancing.

It is, above all, a col­lec­tive and his­tor­i­cal real­i­ty, made of small frag­ments which sur­vive over time and become cul­ture. It is a way to show who we are on this plan­et,’ says direc­tor and lead archi­tect Martín Gómez Platero.

from ICON mag­a­zine. more here


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