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THE PHOTOGRAPHERSGALLERY announces the pub­lic par­tic­i­pa­to­ry ele­ment of CORRESPONDANCE: 4:104082 which launch­es today: 8 March 2021

The Pho­tog­ra­phers’ Gallery in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Thomas Brown is delight­ed to announce the next chap­ter of Cor­re­spon­dance: 4:104082, a unique col­lab­o­ra­tive project and immer­sive audio-visu­al jour­ney by artist Thomas Brown and illus­tra­tor Guil­laume Fer­rand explor­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion in the con­text of a glob­al pandemic.

The projects select­ed for this pub­lic are­na: 4:104082 were drawn from an open call for sub­mis­sions with the aim to extend both the con­ver­sa­tions and field of ref­er­ence of the orig­i­nal project. From col­lec­tive uncer­tain­ty, to expe­ri­enc­ing pre-Covid life vic­ar­i­ous­ly through nature, weath­er or place; from protest and demon­stra­tion, to themes of long­ing, wait­ing, nos­tal­gia and fatigue, Room 12 brings to life over 50 per­son­al per­spec­tives from across the globe as the pas­sage of the last 12 months has influ­enced our exchanges with oth­ers and cre­at­ed a spec­trum of shared experience.

Metic­u­lous­ly designed, Correspondance.World was first con­ceived dur­ing the March 2020 lock­down. It explores and updates the notion of com­mu­ni­ca­tion as an art form in the con­text of the glob­al pan­dem­ic where ‘nor­mal’ phys­i­cal con­tact and exchanges with fam­i­ly, friends and peers have been severe­ly restrict­ed but screen medi­at­ed inter­ac­tions have dra­mat­i­cal­ly increased. An explo­ration and expres­sion of time, place, com­mu­ni­ca­tion and the spir­it of col­lab­o­ra­tion, it uses pho­tog­ra­phy, sound, illus­tra­tions and con­ver­sa­tions between Fer­rand and Brown as they both expe­ri­enced iso­la­tion in their sep­a­rate loca­tions in Europe.

Says artist Thomas Brown: We are real­ly excit­ed to share the next chap­ter of Cor­re­spon­dance. We are hum­bled by the num­ber and qual­i­ty of the sub­mis­sions for the 12th space, enti­tled 4:104082. Your entries took us all over the world, through macro and micro, deeply per­son­al moments to glob­al socio-polit­i­cal issues and beyond. Now vis­i­tors to will be able to explore a wider view on the role that images have played dur­ing the pan­dem­ic and the mul­ti­ple and rich visu­al net­works that they have enabled. The new room will invite the audi­ence to cre­ate new dia­logues between the pho­tographs and videos sub­mit­ted by each con­trib­u­tor, high­light­ing the abil­i­ty of visu­al media to con­nect dif­fer­ent points of views and expe­ri­ences beyond any phys­i­cal con­straints. We are excit­ed to see how the col­lab­o­ra­tion and com­mu­ni­ty will extend fur­ther into the future. Thank you so much for shar­ing with us.”

The final selec­tion of works for Room 12 were cho­sen by artist Thomas Brown, Jon Uri­arte (TPG Dig­i­tal Cura­tor) with George Osei-Prem­peh, (TPG Social Media Pro­gram­mer) and Lara Proc­tor (TPG Audi­ence Devel­op­ment Man­ag­er), with the aim to cre­ate an engag­ing and illu­mi­nat­ing dia­logue of new works to expand the pro­jec­t’s aim. The selec­tion is based not just on the indi­vid­ual works but their res­o­nance to each other.

Cor­re­spon­dance has been devel­oped as a dig­i­tal plat­form with design agency Jus­ti­fied Studio.


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