ken loach expelled from the labour party

there have been some very wild the­o­ries knock­ing about on left twit­ter for the past year or so — since starmer was elect­ed leader. i could under­stand, didn’t agree with it, but could under­stand, why he would want to expel cor­byn; need­ed to put his stamp on the par­ty, want­ed to show his author­i­ty and so on. it prompt­ed me to leave the par­ty as ‘not the social­ist par­ty i rec­og­nized as hav­ing joined’ any more, as i put it in my res­ig­na­tion letter.

but the wild the­o­ries. ‘starmer is in the pay of ‘the estab­lish­ment’’. that he is some sort of plant or black ops. agent. the par­ty is infil­trat­ed by right-wingers in the pay of either tories, or dark­er forces of cap­i­tal, or starmer is some sort of israeli agent. i dis­missed them of course. too wild, too pre­pos­ter­ous. like a Q.anon of the left.

ken loach is anoth­er mat­ter. he has his faults. he made some very care­less and dis­mis­sive com­ments about the holo­caust, most of which real­ly boiled down to ques­tion­ing whether all jews, and par­tic­u­lar­ly com­mu­ni­ty lead­ers in the ghet­toes had been spot­less in their deal­ings with the nazis just before and dur­ing the war. he came across as glib and dis­mis­sive. but a sim­ple ‘well, his­to­ry isn’t black and white’ or the jew­ish lead­ers were not quite as white as the dri­ven snow, sim­ply isn’t good enough. social­ists need to have spe­cial care when talk­ing about the holo­caust or showa. it is unique in mod­ern his­to­ry; an attempt by a regime to vio­lent­ly oblit­er­ate an entire peo­ple, deserves more than ‘lets be a lit­tle more nuanced’.

that anti-semi­tism has been used as a weapon to dis­mem­ber the left from the labour par­ty, is itself, anti-semitic.

i’m start­ing to think that the con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries are not so wild after all. if starmer is not intent on keep­ing labour out of office for the fore­see­able future, if he doesn’t want to reduce the labour par­ty to an inef­fec­tive par­lia­men­tary rump like the lib­er­al democ­rats, then he is doing a damn good impres­sion of it.


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