phos­pho­res­cence by cyn­thia cruz pho­tographs of pho­tographs and polaroids  of stacks of books on frag­ments and pho­tographs and pam­phlets on let­ters sent and immi­nent  col­li­sions. what the body does not know  it … more…


post truth

there was a guy on the radio this morn­ing who had a lot to say about *faith, hope and lerrvv*


  infini­tude (and beyond) if you look long enough into the abyss, the abyss will look back into you niet­zsche when i was a lit­tle kid, about sev­en, eight, or maybe … more…



is it my age, or are you also jolt­ed by this review­er’s lump­ing togeth­er of bix bei­der­becke, lester young, and miles davis under the com­mon rubric ear­ly jazz icons? more … more…

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