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haunted by postmodernism

kindergarten wolfartsweier architects: tomi ungerer and ayla suzan yöndel memphis studios interior ettore sottsass and others is po-mo now retro? recently visited charles jencks’ residence; the cosmic

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letterpress and pen

letterpress and pen <h2><em>a photoshoot for pen international magazine, japan</em></h2> i don’t usually publish commercial work here, but i was very pleased with the results of this

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lee ufan museum

while visiting naoshima earlier this year i visited the purpose built lee ufan museum, designed by tadao ando

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sumida hokusai museum

sumida hokusai museum if there is one single thing that can be said to be iconic of japan, among the neon flooded nightscapes of <i>osaka</i>

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west ‘am

the dlr, the tube, and my imagination, or a reminder of de stijl.

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