new is a word i shouldn’t use too often round here — i’ve been extremely neglectful about the regular updating of this website so all i can say is i’ll try to be more regular during 2013

march 2011

and again. still having some teething troubles with the new wordpress upgrade, which means you’re likely to see some strange behaviour on the site from time to time. wish i could somehow combine the simplicity of tumblr’s ‘bloggin-for-the-rest-of-us’ approach, (where you can see my snapshots and imbecile comments about life) with the powerful features that wordpress offers.

otherwise we’re pretty much in business again. if you’re running wordpress on your site, i would be very wary of just upgrading, make damned sure your connection is reliable, and always back up your database first. if you do use wordpress’s auto-upgrade feature, bear in mind that you may have to do a manual install anyway. i’m just saying.

just a few words about the site as it is. since the wordpress upgrade, the ‘featured images’ on each page are broken, which leaves the posts only with the galleries, and no featured images for now. i’m hoping to get this fixed before long, but it might mean changing the whole look of the site.

24 july: name change

time for a name change- the ‘justin imidge’ thing was getting a bit old i thought — but it’s the same website — same me — i’ve been uploading a lot so do explore, and do return. comments are still welcome.

the new name is ‘monocula’

19th june: technical note:

after a couple of glitches, everything is back to normal after the worpress upgrade. always traumatic, the wordpress upgrade.

june: just got back from bali , desperately trying to find the time to sort through over 1,000 images from the indonesian island. in the meantime, do check out some pictures from last november’s visit to a japanese onsen in kyushu, here

april: your intrepid host has been lingering indoors, despite the long-last and long longed-for improvement in the weather. unfortunately he is feeling a little less than intrepid of late having been nursing a strained ankle, which prevents him from straying very far.

the new picture at the top, incidentally, was taken on an olympus xa, a picture which sat happily in my pocket for many years, until i left it in a small bar in tokyo. (the blues bar it was called, if memory serves, which, let’s face it, probably doesn’t)

march: gradually increasing temperatures encourage me to believe that spring, at long last, is now on the way. i will be venturing forth a great deal more in the coming weeks, as well as anticipating my forthcoming lazy holiday in bali. what better way to celebrate the coming of spring than to new a new camera. i’ve always wanted a high quality pocket digital, and the one i just ordered from amazon is a stunner. i should be showing you some results by the end of next week.

look out for a series of pages of images from khmer remains taken in and around siem reap, cambodia, on a trip there in 2009.

february: winter seems to be lasting forever here in england. not much incentive to pick up my camera and go flanéing here in london at the moment.

so six pages of pictures from the amansara hotel in siem reap, cambodia, to warm things up. this is an unashamedly luxurious base for tourists exploring the khmer temples of siem reap, including angkor wat, angkor tom, and the surrounding area. the hotel, owned by the aman group a resort chain which markets itself on the basis of simplicity, intimacy, and an understated luxury without ostentation. nice if you can afford it.

pictures from the temples and ruins of angkor wat coming in due course.

o, and look out for updates to the zen gardens of kyoto. appositely rainy, in november.

justin (ken, really)