i haven’t gone, or died, … yet … in fact i’ve been very busy this past year with one thing and another including lots of travels; france, italy, spain, and of course east asia, including thailand bali, and as usual, japan.

it would be fair to say that i’ve been undergoing something of a ‘photographer’s block’ if this can be said to truly exist. on my last trip particularly, i’ve felt that my ‘vision’ (i have to say i hate that word — it seems to imply some sort of spirituality which i certainly don’t acknowledge) anyway ‘my vision’ for want of something better has gone. i’ve been seeing little of value in very recent work, nothing to excite me, and little exciting in the results.

i’ve also gotten myself bogged down in organising, supervising, and generally trying to beat some sense into my photo archive, like most other digital photographers i guess, i have a profligating collection of work, now going back decades, which i’m trying to whip into some kind of accessible order, using adobe lightroom’s flags, ratings, and filters to make some sense of it all.

underneath it all there are personal things which i have no intention of going into here (you’re better off believe me) informing my positivity towards my photography.anyway just to show that i’m still here and mean to get over this hump i’ll upload some of the images my camera has made more recently, if for no other purpose than to show my continuing presence. maybe you’ll like them. do let me know in the comments below. i appreciate it.