me, recently

not that much to show, really. covid19 lockdown travel restrictions have meant that i’m confined to a couple of jaunts around london, once or twice a week. other things have, unfortunately been getting the better of me. some personal stuff, not worth mentioning here tho. some politics. those who know me will understand. i don’t seem to be able to get out of what used to be called, in the schoolboy books i read as a child, this funk.

like many others the main solace that i’ve garnered in these times has been from walking. i’m supposed to be walking or cycling or (god forbid) running for my general health. but it hasn’t been easy to maintain the enthusiasm, given the miserably cold and damp spring we’ve been mostly having.

along with my rather dreary outlook these past few months i’ve also been finding it difficult to maintain a positive approach to photography. often i look around me and see nothing to cause me to press the shutter. not all the time, but more than usual for me.

so the next few posts will be stuff that i’ve picked as half-way worth looking at.

watch this space …