swiss cottage, st john’s wood

just a few pics from a walk on wednesday afternoon after meeting some clients.

it was a sublimely beautiful day and there was a bit of a holiday atmosphere. from camden town i made my way to st. john’s wood but i couldn’t really see anything i wanted to photograph.

after that i took the jubilee line one stop north to swiss cottage where i took a few pics of gustafson porter + bowman’s ‘swiss cottage open space. i found that it being the first day of the year we’ve enjoyed any decent weather the open space was overrun with tourists, yummy mummies and their kids, and schoolchildren. again nothing much grabbed my eye and i left pretty quickly. sometimes i take my camera out with me and i see precisely nothing which looks like a photograph. i always get annoyed with myself when this happens, and the impostor syndrome starts to kick in fairly quickly. maybe i’m not a photographer, just some nobody who plays with a camera, but not a ‘real’ photographer.

doesn’t last tho’. so don’t feel too sorry for me.