having an early autumn break in one of my favourite cities in the world. i first came to venice with my school when i was fourteen and began a lifelong romance. coming from northern england to the colours and light of this, what was then, to me, exotic city, was overwhelming.

far better writers than me have discoursed about the city and the cliché traps are difficult to avoid. been trying to avoid the photographic cliché too. but this tourism saturated, often smelly (affluence among the effluence is how one friend described it) destination, has been photographed to death since the earliest days of the medium. i’ve been looking for the invisible cities of italo calvino here; aspects of the city which are otherwise overlooked or ignored. how successful i’ve been you can judge for yourself when i have some new photos ready for publishing. today i’m moving to the small island of burano then back to paris before returning to that other sad little group of islands; brexit-torn england and the uk.