arashiyama + kodai-ji

these images are from visits to kodai-ji, a temple of the rinzai school of zen buddhism located in the west of kyoto. and arashiyama in the northeast of kyoto.

kodai-ji was founded by ねねさん (nene san) the wife of the daimyo, 豊臣秀吉 (toyotomi hideyoshi), renowned for its exquisite garden and bamboo groves, the temple is nearly overwhelmed by visitors in spring and autumn for the display of sakura — cherry blossom, and momi-ji — japanese maple, whose leaves turn an array of spectacular colours comprising reds, orange and gold in later months.

accessible through the gardens of tenryū-ji arashiyama has one of the most famous and well-visited bamboo forests in japan. tenryū-ji is one of the most important locations of the rinzai school of zen. founded in the XIV century it is a unesco world heritage site and has gardens which are often regarded as among the most beautiful in japan. i would recommend visiting and exploring the gardens before your walk through arashiyama bamboo forest.

the images in the video above are also, as still images, in the gallery below.