the phoenix hall of byōdō-in

byōdō-in is a temple situated in uji-shi a city found between the two historical capitals of japan; nara and kyoto. the most prominent feature of the temple is the central hall or pavilion, which through exquisite landscape design is seen to be perched on top of a small island in the centre of a small lake or pond. it therefore presents itself as floating, detached from this world. it was built in the late heian period and is greatly informed by the ‘pure land’ school of buddhism.
the roof of the pavilion is topped by a pair of phoenix statues, whose form is mirrored in in the building itself with the roof eching the outstretched wings of the mythical bird.
these images were made on a rainy morning in february 2023 and has resulted in images in which the rain has somewhat softened the resolution.