welcome to my exploratorium.

just keep clicking.

use the categories and tags to help you. the little + sign next to the categories at the bottom of the page will show you sub-categories.  take no notice of this for now - it may return, in time, but for now just click on anything that looks clickable: there's tons here if you like my work. (well, there's tons here, even if you don't like my work... but you know what i mean)

i'm very glad that you could visit. i welcome comments on my work. i also do this for money and welcome assignments! get in touch.

you will find that older pages and posts have mosaic or grid layout galleries - click on any individual image and it will (or should) enlarge to fit your screen with a dimmed out background.

i've recently moved more to a slideshow presentation on individual pages with pictures fading in and out. to pause any slide, hover over the image. to navigate forward or reverse, use the arrow keys. click any image to enlarge to fit screen (works with most browsers)

do let me know which type you prefer - gallery or slideshow.

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