rather than going completely crazy last week, due to covid-lockdown madness, decided to take a break to stay at sea containers hotel on the south embankment of the thames near blackfriars bridge. usually when i’m staying in a hotel there’s a strong urge that i’m wasting precious time, partly driven by a sense of guilt, to leave the hotel and go exploring. usually. the main idea here, however, was to enjoy the room with a view and not care about exploration in the city where i live, where i can do my flâneurations any time i choose.

nevertheless the urges won out and i was out with my camera for a couple of walks along the both north and south embankments. areas of london with which i’m rather overfamiliar making it difficult to see anything new. my walks took in victoria embankment, parts of the strand, hungerford bridge, the south bank, including the arts complexes, the oxo building, and views of the skyscrapers of the city of london