the screen is a delightful place to stay in kyoto. the staff are beautiful in every sense, very foreigner user-friendly, and situated in a quirky little shi-shi antique shop street.

nearby is bikkuri donki — surprise donkey. is the donkey surprised? is the donkey a surprise? do you get a donkey when you weren’t expecting one. and the darkest thought, are the hamburgers made from donkey meat?…

siem reap amansara hotel, cambodia

part of the aman chain and formerly the guest palace of the royal family of cambodia, built in the 1950s, this gorgeous hotel lies a short way from the ruined city, temple complex of the khmer empire, angkor wat, world heritage site, in the heart of the country. my visit to cambodia, my first, which took place in january of this year, left me with a collection of something in the region of 2000 images, which i am still trying to summon the courage to edit. they will probably take the form of ‘simple viewer’ flash galleries, which you may have seen in other parts of this site. check back for updates.